Follow the Sunshine

Follow the Sunshine

I was talking to a client the other day, who struggles with depression and anxiety (which many of us do at some point or another). They were saying that there are moments when they feel a little like the gloom has lifted and they feel inspired and ready to take things on. They get busy doing things until the feeling (which sometimes very quickly) passes and they start feeling down again. 

Although having an ‘up-moment’ can be a great time to put neglected plans into action, sometimes it is just as important to spend time dwelling in the moment. I used the analogy of a cloudy day, when clouds start to break apart you can sometimes see a ray of light shining down – like a spotlight focussing on a stage. When this happens, instead of being busy doing something in that place & in that moment until the sunbeam moves on, it may be better to just dwell there…in the sunlight. Feel the warmth. Enjoy how bright everything looks. Dwell on how it makes you feel. If the sunshine moves on a little, try move with it (if you can’t, that’s ok, doing so gets easier with time).

There is evidence to suggest that spending time pondering on a positive situation, imagining yourself there – the colours, the objects, the feelings, the company, the actions you’d take etc. – starts to lay neurological pathways equivalent to you physically being in that situation. (This could be why the principles of mindfulness works for so many). The more you mentally dwell in a positive place and build a deep picture of that space in your head, more the likely you are to spend longer and longer being in that ‘happier place’. 

So, next time you feel like you are in a good place, give yourself a few minutes to sit still, close your eyes and enjoy the moment. Try not to rush off too quickly to accomplish the next task, activity or chore. Dwell there a little while longer and give your brain a chance to build a few more ‘positive thought neurons’. 

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