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Working with men

Juggling work and non-work life is not always easy. The pressure to keep working in your personal time can take away from important life pursuits or just some much needed down-time . Allowing work to creep into personal time can have a longer term impact on you and your family - especially stress, anxiety and potentially burnout. Finding ways to put work and non-work boundaries in place is an effective way to reduce stress and anxiety in the medium and long-term.

working with women

Women hold many titles: friend, sister, partner, daughter, mother, grandmother, employee, manager, entrepreneur... juggling these life-roles can be tiring. Although this can be rewarding, it can also be really stressful, especially when you have many work and family demands. Allowing yourself the headspace, time and external insight can give you the chance to sort through 'stuff', helping you optimise your everyday lives and be more able to be there for both yourself and for others.

working with schools

Dorset Mind have an extensive mental health education programme developed specifically for middle and senior schools within Dorset. We volunteer in their Dorset Mind Your Head programme delivering: assemblies on mental wellbeing, body image and exam stress & working with groups of children delivering 6 hours of mental wellness workshops.

therapeutic approaches

Everyone is different and we each have very individual mental-wellbeing needs, resulting from a variety of underlying causes. A combination of therapy tools – including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Positive Psychology and Transactional Analysis (TA) are adapted for each therapy session to work for each person and the situation and space they find themselves in.

Therapy suited to your needs

Therapy Services

Are you struggling with issues like self-esteem, depression, anxiety, unhappiness or feelings of failure and doubts? Do you feel as though you just don’t fit into your own life, never going to be good enough or really worried about being able to cope with your next ‘big step’ in life – whether that’s going to uni, starting a new job, changing career…? Do you want to get to a place where you are feeling more optimistic about life and better about yourself – who you are and what you do? Do you want to be more comfortable in your own skin and better able to cope with day-to-day life?

Therapy options available

Face to face, video or telephone therapy options are available. 

All sessions are 50 minutes in duration.

Face-to-face sessions: are held at The Consulting Centre in Branksome (BH12 1AW).

Video sessions: can be conducted via Skype, Zoom or FaceTime.


Initial assessment session


Video or telephone sessions


Currently Unavailable Face-to-face sessions

Frequently asked questions

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) is an easily measured approach favoured by the NHS. It is based on Behaviour Therapy. The basic tenant is in the relearning of behaviours and ways of thinking such as imagery, fantasy, thought and self-image. The philosophy is that what the client believes behind the reasons for their behaviour is as important as the physical act of behaving itself. The focus is on changing a person’s worldview, thought patterns (i.e. how they interpret a situation in a specific way that could lead to cognitive distortions and irrational beliefs) and/or behaviour to one that is more helpful for improving their situation and quality of life.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a tool used to influence and modify an individual’s behaviours and beliefs. NLP is a behaviour-based approach. The premise is that the memories of the experiences and human interactions a person has had influences their internal dialogue which manifests itself in what they physically say, see and do. NLP analyses, orders and changes those internal dialogues and self-perceptions to help change behaviour in a positive way.

Unlike CBT and NLP, Positive Psychology emphasises mental health and well-being, rather than pathology. Mental health is measured by happiness, optimism etc. rather than the absence of illness. It is a strengths-based approach that focusses away from the negative and towards the positive and what makes life worth living – this includes the biological, personal, relational, institutional, cultural and global dimensions of life.

In this therapy, social interactions/transactions are analysed to determine a person’s ‘ego state’. The ‘ego state’ is compared to that of an Adult, Parent or Child. The primary goal is to have a client achieve an adaptive, mature and realistic attitude toward life where they learn to communicate with others on an rational and logical ‘Adult’ level, rather than as a patronising ‘Adult’ or an impulsive, emotionally charged ‘Child’.

If you would like to find out more about each of these therapies and their benefits, contact us for an initial chat about how these therapeutic approaches can help you.

What our clients say

Carolyn has been working with our son for 5 months now. During this time Carolyn has helped him to feel relaxed and comfortable in their sessions. He feels able to talk openly and trusts her with any thoughts or difficulties he is having at the time. Carolyn is very professional and although we can as parents contact her at anytime, it is very much about being confidential about the sessions that take place. She is flexible about dates and times for appointments which is always helpful. We would highly recommend her services and we feel very lucky to have her support through a difficult time.
Mum of H.
Aged 16
I have been working with Carolyn for the last 6 months, both on a professional and personal level. During this time, I have found Carolyn to be exceptional in every way. Carolyn has gone way above and beyond to be extremely supportive, super encouraging, very friendly, warm, caring, and incredibly empathetic without judgement. Carolyn truly is a professional in every way, yet at the same time, you feel like you are talking to a really good friend who genuinely wants to help see you move forward in every way. Initially, I was incredibly sceptical about approaching someone like Carolyn as I couldn’t quite see what difference it would make, but I am so glad that I followed through as I have not looked back - I only wish I had discovered Carolyn sooner. Carolyn is extremely valuable and has become a significant role in my journey forwards. Her input and ongoing support are second to none. Carolyn is without a doubt outstanding in every way and I cannot recommend her highly enough.
Mrs P. B .
Aged 47

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